The board represents a cross section of the membership, their various areas of expertise, as well as statewide geographical diversity.  For more information or to apply, contact DeAnn Hartman, Executive Director, at 360-561-3480 or [email protected]

Current Members, Board of Directors
(11 Voting Members):

Tom Anderson, United Marketing
Jamie Chaussee, Westwood Managements & Development
Sue Edick, Oroville Housing Authority
Maurice King, High-Tech Solutions, Inc.
Celeste Mills, Allied Residential
Susan Meyers, Pan Pacific Properties
Deneen Mulligan, Quantum Management Services, Inc.
Brandi Perrin, Viridian Management
John Pfaff, Bathfitters*
Mike Sullivan, Pine River Management, Inc.
Greg Swendrak, Mercy Housing
Warren Westad, Ad-West Realty Services, Inc.
*nonvoting member