2019 Washington Affordable Housing Management Convention

2019 ARHC Annual Meeting

The Affordable Rural Housing Council (ARHC)  holds their annual meeting during the convention.  The election of board members takes place in this meeting.

Notice of Annual Meeting

In accordance with Article IX, Section 9.3 of our Amended and Restated Bylaws, and in accordance with the applicable sections of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), this is to notify you that the ANNUAL MEETING of the organization will be held at 3:15 PM on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at the Hilton Convention Center in Vancouver, WA.

Call for Nominations

The three (3) Directors whose terms are expiring are:
(1) Deneen Mulligan, Quantum Management Services, Inc.; 
(2) Mike Sullivan, Pine River Management, Inc.; 

(3) Jamie Chaussee, Westwood Management & Development,

The four (4) Directors who have 1 year remaining in their terms are:

(1) Warren Westad, Ad-West Realty Services, Inc.;
(2) Maurice King, High-Tech Solutions, Inc.;
(3) Sue Edick, Oroville Housing Authority;
(4) Celeste Mills, Allied Residential;

The five (5) Directors who were elected to three year terms last year are:

(1) Tom Anderson, United Marketing, Inc.;
(2) Brandi Perrin, Viridian Management; 
(3) Greg Swendrak, Mercy Housing; 
(4) Susan Meyers, Pan Pacific Properties;
(5) John Pfaff, Bath Fitters.
represents the Associate Members and is a non-voting member of the Board

Board seats can only be filled by, and nominations can only come from, Members in Good Standing. Nominations may come from the floor at the Annual Meeting.


Here is the section in our Bylaws that specifically deals with the composition of the board.


Section 5.1 Composition. The business property and affairs of this Corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the “Board”). The Board will be composed of six persons who shall be active members or employees of active members of this Corporation.  Beginning with the 1993 election, three directors shall hold office for a term of two years, and three members for one year.  Thereafter, each director shall hold office for a term of two years, with elections for only the expiring terms held annually. Beginning with the 2000 election, the Board will be composed of nine persons who shall be active members or employees of active members of this Corporation.  Directors shall hold office for a term of three years.  Beginning with the 2006 election, the Board will be composed of eleven persons who shall be active members or employees of active members of this Corporation, holding office for a term of three years. Beginning with the 2010 election, the Board will include a non-voting 12th director who shall represent the interests of Associate Members.  The Board will be elected from members in good standing or their employees by a majority vote of the active members of the Corporation at its annual meeting.  It is the desire of the Corporation that the Board of Directors shall represent a cross section of the membership, their various areas of expertise, as well as statewide geographical diversity. It shall be mandatory that one member of the Board shall be a Developer and one shall be a Property Manager. The Board may consist of two or more individuals who are employees of the same member of the Corporation, even though such member shall have only one vote at the annual meeting.  Directors may succeed themselves in office.




The deadline to nominate someone for either board is Friday, April 19, 2019.


Download the ARHC Board of Directors Nomination Form


Please contact DeAnn Hartman, Executive Director at [email protected] or 360-561-3480